Do More 24 Toolkit

Welcome to the Do More 24 toolkit. This page is loaded with resources to help you with your Do More 24 outreach effort. Check back often as this page will be updated periodically with new tools and resources for you. If you're not seeing something you need please contact [email protected] and we can help make it happen!

Your Tool Kit for Do More 24 Delaware will be available on Monday, March 27, 2017.

In the meantime, here are a few questions to ask your team as you begin to plan for Do More 24 Delaware.

1. What will be my organization’s goal for this year’s campaign?

       * Our organization will raise $XXX…

       * Our organization will increase donors by XX%...

       * Our organization will engage X amount of new donors…

2. How can I engage donors that donated to my organization last year?

       * My editorial calendar will include messaging for – email, facebook, twitter…

       * Our organization will utilize this tool for outreach – mailchimp, constant contact, email…

3. Is my list up to date to communicate to my network about the upcoming campaign?

      * Are we leveraging our board…

      * Has their been any other communications to this list?


How to register for Do More 24

Registration Instructional Page

Online Form Instructional Page

How To Create a video?

Social Media Training 2017

Nonprofit Toolkit

Newsletter Sample Copy for nonprofits

Newsletter Sample Copy for Board

Top 10 Social Media Must-Do’s for Do More 24

Social Media Sample Editorial Calendar

Do More 24 Preparation Checklist

Storytelling Tips for Nonprofits

Marketing Materials

Do More 24 Brand Guidelines

Push Card

Push Card (4 to a sheet)

Email Signature 

Email Signature Block


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Do More 24 Delaware Horizontal with date

Do More 24 Delaware Stack

Do More 24 Delaware Stack with date

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